Garden design projects: A modern town garden.

A modern town garden

This north facing garden is 11m long by 5m wide, and has side access. The client wanted a garden which was as easy as possible to maintain, and had a preference for a decked surface to the main part of the garden, a circular sun bathing area, and a safe water feature. The preferred planting style was architectural, with an emphasis on exotic foliage rather than brightly coloured flowers.

The new design features for a roomy entertaining and dining area immediately outside the kitchen, which allows the client's small child room to play safely within view. This decked area is bordered with pebbles and decorative boulders, and planting is limited to low growing grasses and taller bamboo which will add movement and sound to an otherwise static area. A perfumed climber grows up the wall immediately adjacent to the house entrance. A border of standard box trees separates the dining area from the remainder of the garden, and has the advantage of making a strong design statement at the same time as providing a framework through which the planted area and the water feature can be seen.

The fences were re-painted dark grey, and the majority of the planting is contained in raised beds with rendered walls painted a light blue. This gives the garden a Mediterranean feel, and brings extra light into the north facing area. The far bed contains a stainless steel water feature standing on a pebble pool, and the plants were chosen to emphasise perfume and leaf shape, with foliage and flowers in colours to complement the colour of the walls. There is a small recessed sitting area with a bench, and the circular deck is large enough for sun loungers.