Garden design projects: A courtyard garden of a terraced property.

A courtyard garden of a terraced property

This north facing garden was attached to a modern terraced property. A tall fence separated the garden from neighbours on either side, and, although there were open views towards mature trees at the back of the garden, the view was marred by the roofline of some garages in the foreground.

The clients, a young professional couple, wanted a paved low maintenance garden, an area immediately outside the house for dining out and entertaining, a small water feature, room to grow herbs and places to display one or two art works.

The proposed design included two garden ‘rooms’ each quite different in character: a large dining area ringed with contemporary planters, a raised water feature (hidden from the first ‘room’, and a specially commissioned glass art work hanging on the house wall adjacent to the dining table.

The architectural planting in the second area screens the ugly rooftops, and there is space for seating, as well as for a statue of two boxing hares and a decorative urn.